Who We Are


It all started back in the eighties when a group of independent wholesalers decided to combine their buying power to negotiate better deals with suppliers. They wanted to offer their retailers better prices to allow them to rival the much bigger players. Our strength in both numbers and volume allows us to negotiate the best prices and promotions from all the major food, drink and non-food suppliers so our wholesalers can pass the benefits on to their retailers.

160 Wholesale depots nationwide

We have 160 wholesale depots in our network and 2,401 independent retailers enjoying the benefits of our Retail Club.

Today’s Fascia Group

In excess of 490 retailers are gaining big benefits from Fascia Group membership and have our Today’s or Day Today fascia above their shops. We’re a member-owned business and our board is mainly made up of member wholesalers.

Fastest growing retailer network

So what makes us the fastest growing retailer network in the last 12 months? It’s because we really understand retailers because many of us are time-served retailers ourselves so we know the challenges of retailing. We’ve used our experience to create offers for our members and their retailers that are far more relevant and business boosting than our competitors.

Membership of Today’s Group is different

Our key difference is that we care about growing business as much as our members and their retailers do. We never forget who owns their business.

We understand the need to provide support to secure a future in a very tough marketplace – but with the flexibility for people to make their own choices. We are not simply interested in getting sign ups to a scheme. We look for wholesalers, food wholesalers, suppliers and retailers who are committed, ambitious and forward-thinking.

If you share our values, our first discussion with you will always be about the potential to grow your business.

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