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It all started back in the eighties when a group of independent wholesalers decided to combine their buying power to negotiate better deals with suppliers. Over 30 years later and Today’s Group is now the largest wholesale services company of its kind in the UK with a combined buying power exceeding £5.7bn.


Our vision is simple, as a first-choice business partner we help our Wholesale members, independent retailers and supplier partners to SAVE more and SELL more!

Over 140 Wholesale members nationwide

Our membership reach includes retail, foodservice, on-trade and specialist markets, making us multi-channel experts and the most diverse group in the industry.

We understand the need to provide support to secure a future in today’s challenging marketplace, but with the flexibility for businesses to make their own choices. We are not simply interested in getting sign ups to a scheme. We look for wholesale members who are committed, ambitious and forward-thinking.

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Today’s Symbol and Retail Club

As one of the UK’s fastest growing retail networks within the convenience sector, we offer two distinct and comprehensive packages.

Through our Symbol Group operation, we have in excess of 500 independent retailers benefiting from having the Today’s or Day-Today fascia above their stores. Today’s Group Retail Club delivers award-winning promotions to over 2,700 independently owned retail stores every three weeks.

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Lasting supplier Partnerships

We value the strong relationships we’ve built with our supplier partners over the last 30 years. Working with a broad range of suppliers, Today’s Group create a comprehensive calendar of annual events that provide excellent networking opportunities for both our membership and our suppliers.

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Our new website is on its way…

Following the exciting news that Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale have merged to form Unitas Wholesale, we are busy developing a brand-new website, which we’re looking forward to sharing with you soon.

In the meantime, you can access the existing Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale websites by clicking on the links below: