Drop Shipment

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In an effort to help Today’s Group members and their customers reduce their overheads and gain preferential terms, The Today’s Group has expanded it’s Drop Shipment and Support Services across a wide variety of product and service sectors.

The Today’s Group Drop Shipment and Support Services area can be accessed in the member area for Today’s Group members and at www.todaysplanforprofit.com where Today’s Group member customers can request a call back within 48 hours from potential suppliers.

“We’ve brought these services together, using our strong position as the UK’s largest independent buying group to negotiate preferential terms for independent retailers and our members. They can access discounts that they wouldn’t receive if they applied for the same product or service as an individual. Managing their business is a full-time job for any store owner and using the Today’s Group Drop Shipment and Services area saves time – all the featured suppliers are in one place and easy to contact.” Steve Hodson, Today’s Group Trading Controller for Drop Shipment and Support Services

With a substantial number of agreements in place, the Group has already saved it’s members and their customers £000’s on merchant services, and negotiations continue with prospective partners to provide a ‘one stop shop’ solution”.