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1. Boost Best-SellersPet food

Listing the best-selling lines and ensuring that products are merchandised by brand on the fixture will drive incremental sales.

2. Master the Mix

Encourage shoppers to buy across multiple formats by ensuring the fixture includes products across every sub-category. Pet pouches, cans, dry food and treats should all be present on any fixture. This means shoppers are more likely to find what they are looking for as it appeals to more shopper needs.

Allow a 50/50 share of space between Cat and Dog products. Ensure all the previous sub-categories are represented and ensure they are in clearly defined sections to make the fixture easier to navigate and shop. Give sufficient space to those growing sub-categories such as Cat Super Premium, Dog Single Serve and both Dog and Cat Treats to encourage shoppers to buy into these valuable areas.

3. Prioritise Premium Products

There is an upward trend into premiumisation in pet care as shoppers trade up from traditional can formats to more convenient single-serve packs. Cat Super-Premium foods such as Sheba and Gourmet drove sub-category growth of 2% in 2016 and Dog Single Serve is the fastest growing sub-category in convenience, having grown at 6% in 2015.

4. Inspire Impulse

Cat Treats are a huge untapped opportunity as increasing numbers of shoppers buy into this incremental category. Meanwhile, the number of shopping trips for dog treats has increased by 21% over the last three years making it a sub-category worth focusing on. Implementing off-shelf features for these sub-categories such as clip- strips or till point units also drives incremental spend.

5. Consider the Calendar

With 73% of dog owners buying their pet a Christmas present, tapping into human events on the calendar by increasing treats ranges over Christmas, Easter and Halloween is a great way to deliver incremental sales.


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