We really understand independent retailers like you. Many of us are time-served retailers ourselves so we understand the challenges of retailing from your side of the counter. We’ve used our experience to create affiliated schemes that are far more relevant and business-boosting than our competitors’ offers.

It all started back in the eighties when a group of independent wholesalers wanted to combine their buying power to negotiate better deals from suppliers and offer their customers deals that allowed them to rival the much bigger players.

Our strength in numbers allows us to negotiate the best prices and promotions from all the key food, drink and non-food suppliers so our wholesalers can pass the benefits on to you.

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The freedom to be your own boss

Symbol Group Membership

“It’s been a great decision to join Today’s Group. I’m still very much my own boss but there are so many advantages to being a Today’s symbol store. The fascia really stands out, the signage is professional and the three weekly promotions allow me to give my customers great deals all the time.”