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Owners of independent convenience stores often tell us one of the prime reasons they run their business is to be captain of their own ship.


It is this independent spirit we admire so much and it’s the reason why we operate the way we do. Today’s Group gives independent retailers like you the best of both worlds: the freedom to assert your independence plus the benefits of a partnership with strong wholesalers, backed by the largest UK wholesale services company.

Today’s is very different from any other Symbol Group. Flexibility is built-in and it’s up to you to choose the level of involvement you want. We look for partners who share our commitment to giving their community value, convenience and a very personal kind of customer service. 

In the 2014 Him! Symbol Track survey, we were awarded the title of ‘Best Relationship with Symbol Retailers’. Subsequently in 2015 and 2016 we came top out of 10 other groups when retailers were asked if they felt valued by their Symbol Group. As one of the fastest growing retailer networks in the UK we currently have over 490 retailers already enjoying the benefits of our Symbol Group operation. Furthermore, in 2017 we were awarded the Shopper’s favourite small format retailer and favourite convenience retailer for use of technology. In 2018, we were awarded the Scottish Wholesale Achievers Award for Best Symbol Group in Scotland.

Today’s Symbol Group

Capture1For convenience store retailers who want to take the Today’s benefits further, we’ve created Symbol Group Membership. This invitation is open to selected retailers who share our values and want to become a Today’s next generation store.

The results of Symbol Group Membership are business-transforming. This elite band of stores has a totally professional, modern image that provides an instant impact on shoppers. There is a comprehensive store re-development programme that is second to none in the industry.




Today’s Fascia Group Benefits

  • Bring your store bang up to date with unmissable signage
  • Expert help & full retail guidance
  • Partnership with strong wholesalers
  • Planned store layouts & range positioning
  • POS materials & consumer activity
  • Strong Promotions – Today’s distributes over 1 million consumer leaflets every 3 weeks
  • Access to Today’s Own Brand ranges with a POR of 30% or more
  • Access to the Plan for Profit website, category guide and App

Join a winning retail team

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Today’s Retailer is a free digital magazine developed specifically for independent retailers with every issue packed full of must-read information and profit-boosting advice. In each issue we feature one of our Symbol Group retailers in our Retailer Spotlight segment to hear more about how they have made their businesses a success – discover valuable hints and tips from both your peers and industry experts in every issue!

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