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Today’s Group has been operating for over 30 years and we still manage our business based on a number of core values that were agreed at the inception of our organisation.

Our customers

Thousands of customers eat or use our Today’s own brand products every day. We have a duty to ensure that our Today’s own brand food is safe for people to eat and our household and home products are sage to use. We have a clear Today’s safety policy to make sure that all of our own brand products are sage and fit for purpose.

Today’s Promise

Despite the best efforts of our suppliers, occasionally one of our customers may find something wrong with a Today’s own brand product. They can contact us to let us know either:

By phone: 01302 249909

By e-mail:

Our customer service team will then do everything they can to make sure that the customer’s complaint is satisfied in an effective manner.

Our suppliers

Today’s have an ethical trading policy for our suppliers to ensure that no-one is exploited in any of the factories that make Today’s own brand products, whether in the UK or abroad. This includes: providing a safe working environment, clean facilities, an open attitude towards trade unions, no discrimination, reasonable working hours, a fair wage and no child labor.


Details of how to recycle our product packaging waste is available for each product as itemised on pack and our website.

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Our Today’s carrier bags are made of 30% recycled materials and customers are asked to reuse their bags.

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Food additives

Today’s own brand food policy does not allow any artificial flavours or artificial colours in any of our own brand food products. Our products can all therefore be described as NAFNAC (No Artificial Flavours, No Artificial Colours).


All of our Today’s own brand food products comply with the latest legislation regarding the 14 major food allergens, which are clearly marked on the back of pack. This information is also available for each product as itemised on our website.


We have adopted the multiple traffic light front of pack labeling guide, HIGHMEDIUMLOW indicators for energy, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

The pack also shows reference intake per serving. Reference intakes (RIs) referred to on food labels are guidelines based on the approximate amount of nutrients and energy that is required for a healthy, balanced diet each day. Reference intakes are not intended as targets, as energy and nutrient requirements are different for every individual. they give a useful indication of how much energy the average person needs and how a particular nutrient fits into a daily diet. The term “reference intakes” (or “RIs”) has replaced “guidelines daily amounts” (“GDAs”), which used to appear on food labels. RI values are based on an average sized woman doing an average amount of physical activity, unless the label indicates otherwise. This is to provide clear and consistent information on labels.

As part of a healthy balanced diet, an adult’s reference intakes (RIs) for a day are:

  •  Energy: 8,400kJ/2,000kcal
  • Total fat: 70g
  • Saturates: 20g
  • Carbohydrate: 260g
  • Total sugars: 90g
  • Protein: 50g
  • Salt: 6g

Our packaging clearly states the reference intakes (RIs) so that customers can make informed choices.

8 Capture 9


Any Today’s own brand food product which is suitable for vegetarians will be marked with a green V device. This information is also available for each product as itemised on our website.

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5-a-day is the NHS recommendation for individuals to eat at least five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables every day. The recommendations for 5-a-day go hand-in-hand with the ‘Eatwell Guide’ which highlights the types of food recommended for a healthy balanced diet and the proportions for each.

NB – not all fruit and vegetable based products count towards the 5-a-day total – for example if they contain too much salt, sugar, fat or alcohol. Potato chips, olives, tomato ketchup, fried onion rings and wine among others do not count towards the total, however a glass of fruit juice does count.

To make it easier for individuals to reach their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day we mark the packaging of all relevant Today’s own brand products with a 5-a-day count.

Capture 105 a day


Sustainability is about managing the social and environmental impact of our business.

  • Palm oil – The effects of unsustainable palm oil can be devastating to native habitats, particularly the Rainforest and threatens both wildlife and the livelihoods of local people. At Today’s Group, we ask suppliers that use palm oil in Today’s own brand products to take reasonable measures to source sustainable palm oil.
  • Fish – Our Today’s Select Tuna is Dolphin Safe. The Dolphin Safe label is used to show compliance with policies designed to minimize dolphin deaths during fishing for tuna intended for canning.


  • Deforestation – Our supplier for Today’s own brand toilet rolls and kitchen rolls work with the forest stewardship council (FSC) and we have applied to use the Tick Tree logo on our packaging.



Details of all our products and the following information are shown on the Today’s Group website.

  • Ingredients
  • Allergy information
  • Storage information
  • Nutritional information
  • How to recycle the packaging waste
  • Any additional information

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Our new website is on its way…

Following the exciting news that Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale have merged to form Unitas Wholesale, we are busy developing a brand-new website, which we’re looking forward to sharing with you soon.

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