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Today’s Group is proud to reveal details of the third category focused merchandising guide, brought to you by Today’s Plan for Profit; entitled ‘A complete guide to the Craft Beer category for the independent retailer’. Details of the retail guide can be found here.

We have also produced an additional guide “A complete guide to the Craft Beer category for the Today’s Group wholesale memberto provide you, our wholesale members, with an extended product listing and to demonstrate the breadth of range available from each of the brewers. Each brewer has provided specific product information and tasting notes for their chosen ‘star brew’ in order for you to be able to better sell the range through your depot. In the specific brewery pages you will find important contact details for you to contact the experts direct for further support and information.

“Plan for Profit” also provides an extended range for all key product categories, as well as industry leading planograms, seasonal advice and other important information to help your retailers merchandise and present their store to the highest professional standard.

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