Today’s Group is proud to take care of food wholesalers with an appetite for growth and has been helping independent wholesalers make real progress against the odds. The wholesale supplier sector may have been tough in 2015, but it’s been a different story for Today’s members. In fact, sales across all categories of our Foodservice division have driven an impressive 3% increase in value for the Today’s Group. 

FoodserviceFizzing in a flat market

So how have Today’s food Wholesalers bucked the trend?

Teamwork is one reason. The togetherness of Today’s Wholesalers works wonders. Last year we worked powerfully as a group to deliver our strategy and make real gains even in tough trading conditions.

Reaching out to food wholesalers’ customers is another of our strengths. Take Stock is our hugely successful, exclusive magazine for independent caterers. We’re now delivering 22,000 copies of this lively, bi-monthly publication to our members and their customers are loving it!

Take Stock gives strong exposure to brands, new products and promotions as well as beautifully presented, high quality information designed to excite and inspire all kinds of foodservice customers. No wonder Take Stock is fast becoming a must-read in the sector.

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Tasty opportunities in 2018

What about the year ahead? Some areas of the sector may be feeling the pinch but there’s plenty of potential for wholesalers with vision and the right support. We’re here to help you unlock some really exciting opportunities for growth.

Eating out trends, for example, are changing. foodservice

Diners are moving away from formality and opting for the convenience of ‘on the go’ food and casual dining. Sales opportunities are expanding in non-traditional venues like coffee shops, snack bars, outlets within convenience stores, fast food outlets and casual dining restaurants.

Other ideas like breakfast solutions and healthy eating options are also ripe for development. We’ll help you make the most of them.

We’re with you all the way

We’ll be working with you to help identify and exploit every opportunity. We’ll support you every step of the way bringing you great value, expert advice and the tools and solutions you need to make your business a success – whatever the weather.

We’ll be working closely with catering suppliers as well as food wholesaler members to gain results for everyone with our renowned ‘win-win’ approach.

We know, for example, your customers will still be looking for value. We’ll be collaborating with key suppliers to negotiate healthy margins that keep you choosing brands because they offer value to your customers and maintain profits for your business.

At Today’s Group, we’ll be relishing every chance to support your business in 2016 and beyond. Together we make an unstoppable team.

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