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Retailer wins year’s supply of cereal for local ‘After School Club’ with Kellogg’s

Unitas Wholesale is delighted to announce that Day-Today retailer and customer of United Wholesale (Scotland), Mohammed Abdul Rajak has won a year’s supply of cereal courtesy of Kellogg’s.

Unitas Wholesale partnered with Kellogg’s as part of the cereal brand’s celebration of 20 years of supporting breakfast clubs to give independent retailers the chance to win a year’s supply of breakfast cereal to donate to a club of their choice.

Mr Rajak of Buywell Day-Today, Dalmarnock Road donated the prize to Baltic Street Adventure Playground and said that it was an excellent way to ‘help support the local community through the After School Club which provides meals for disadvantaged families in the area’.

Robert Kennedy, Project Co-ordinator of Baltic Street Adventure Playground expressed his appreciation for the donation which he said will ‘certainly help a lot of people’.

Anita Oakhill, Marketing Controller, Unitas Wholesale said, ‘We are delighted to have played a part in supporting Kellogg’s long-standing initiative to help develop breakfast clubs across the UK.’

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