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UK Plain Packaging Law: JTI Next in Line to Challenge in the High Court

Todays__smoking_260x141Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco were first to file a lawsuit against the UK Plain Packaging Law in High Court in London, and now Japan Tobacco International (JTI) are the latest tobacco company to follow suit.

All three cigarette sellers argue that the removal of their brand from the packaging constitutes seizure of property.

From 2017, the UK Plain Packaging Law, cigarette and roll-your-own tobacco packaging must be standardised and unbranded from May 2017. If the court is for and not against the lawsuit then the tobacco companies could be owed billions.

JTI UK MD, Daniel Torras stated, “We have clearly and repeatedly made clear to the UK Government that plain packaging will infringe out fundamental legal rights without reducing smoking. Despite the lack of evidence that plain packaging works, the Government has decided to proceed and JTI must now protect its rights in the Courts”.

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